“Architecture is the correct and masterly play of masses brought together in light"

Le Corbusier


      is a design practice for electrical lighting project.


          We offer a range of services which are tailored to the needs of our client’s and / or the project as we collaborate closely with the Client, Architect, Engineer or Design Team from the very beginning of the design process to be able to:


  •           •    Discuss and understand the needs (analytical phase).
  •           •    Create innovative and tailored light design,enhancing or hiding through lights and shadows accordingly to the space
  •                and the project (creative project and light concept).
  •           •    Integrate the technique (preliminary and final project).
  •           •    We provide full documentation and design support from concept to completion.


          We will happily visit you - or you can come to our studio- to discuss new projects and approches.