Born in MANTOVA – Italy, 1971 Maria Luisa Guerrieri Gonzaga is an Independent lighting designer since 1998 and member of IALD (International Association of Light Designer) since 2020 

After graduating as Architect at Politecnico di Milano, in 1998 she left for experiencing London light design for one year. Back to Milano in 1999 she joined Metis Lighting for five years and was involved on specific lighting fields, from small to urban level, including also the study of custom made prototypes and light fixtures. This period was mainly dedicated to retail light, working on projects for international flagship stores like DeBeers, Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, etc.

In 2005 she arrived in Luxembourg and started her own practice working partially under her name and partially in close cooperation with NJOY, where she was in charge of the light department. Some of the clients she's been working for these last years are renowned architect like Richard Meier and Partners, but also Private or Public Entities, like the European Investment Bank, the Philarmonie of Luxembourg, the CNA in Dudelange, Good Year technical Centre,... 

Since 2013 she eshtablished her own practice in Luxembourg under the name of